Spectacular Sweeping 360 Views


Kangaroos are abundant, and deer often pass through our backyard. Redgums is on a no through road and there is very little passing traffic.

As soon as one parks the car at Redgums and steps onto the ground, one becomes mesmerised by the spectacular sweeping 360′ views. The rugged natural majesty is breathtaking. It is so close, you cannot take your eyes off the mountains, they keep drawing you to study and contemplate. The weather is irrelevant. The mountains can be shrouded in clouds or basking in sunshine. One is left feeling revered. The house is charming and comfortable, with many large windows allowing the views to be fully appreciated from inside the house.

Morning-views-2013-020-cropSit back and relax, or plan a walk through the mountains. Maybe a stroll to the town ship for a waffle cone ice-cream is more appealing.

Perhaps a drink outside in the backyard enjoying the views.

There is plenty of room inside for entertaining. Spread out at breakfast with the newspapers, while the bacon and eggs are cooking.

Everyone can gather at the dining table at the end of a busy day and plan the next days adventure.

And don’t forget that the main shopping area is only a very short stroll away.

    • A word of warning about the kangaroos (and all wildlife) that are often found relaxing on the property.
    • These animals are wild and should not be approached.
    • They can inflict serious injury if a person gets too close.
    • They should hop away quickly, but if they do not then it is because they are old or sick, and be very cautious, and keep a safe distance away from them.
    • Do not allow children to approach the kangaroos.